Pick your Wood

We only work with the finest and highest quality woods. As a result we offer 3 wood types for standard style tables:

  • Black Walnut

  • White Oak

  • Cherry

These woods not only have incredible beauty, but they are of the utmost durability and quality. 

We can create any size table. Dimensions are for reference on costs of the table top. Base/style is additional and are listed below

Matching benches can be made as well as adding leaf's to the table. These are extra charges. Please inquire for pricing on such addons or if your needed size isn't listed or you need help with pricing.

Prices do not include cost of base. Total height including base is 30". We can make shorter or taller per clients request.

Delivery within the valley is included at not extra cost. 

We use a special blend of finishes on all of our tables to ensure maximum durability and prestige. Its all natural, extremely durable, and very easy to repair if an accident happens. 

If you want a stained finish then we use Rubio Monocoat Finishing System. Those colors can be found here. 



Rich Bronze with streaks of blonde

Cherry is absolutely beautiful. Its rich vibrant bronze color with (or without) streaks of blonde - with the contrast of small "gum" lines and beautiful grain patterns. Its durable and closed grain - a very subtle look that is sure to drop your jaw every time you see it. 

  • 6' x 36" - $1000

  • 7' x 40" - $1400

  • 8' x 44"- $1750

white oak.jpg

White Oak


You can't go wrong with white oak. It never goes out of style and it offers immaculate levels of protection. Consistent grain pattern with occasional rifts, you will never be disappointed with white oak. 

  • 6' x 36" - $1500

  • 7' x 40" - $1750

  • 8' x 44"- $2000

Black walnut.jpg

Black Walnut

King of Wood

Its color. Its durability. Its unique grain patterns and figure. Its contrast with (or without) its creamy sap wood. What more could you ask for?

  • 6' x 36" - $1750

  • 7' x 40" - $2000

  • 8' x 44"- $2500


Pick your Style

To determine price, pick the wood type and size above, and then multiply (or add) what is stated with the style.

Palazzo style.JPG


Multiply table top cost by 2

MCM style.JPG

Mid Century Modern


Modern Style.JPG


Multiply table top cost by 1.5


Pick Your Base

We offer a few bases that we really like, but if there is one you found, we will be happy to accommodate your request and use it.

Additional bases can be found at the bottom of this section by being redirected directly to the builders website. 



Built by Metallegscom

Offered in 

  • Black

  • Gold

  • White

  • Anthracite Gray

More information can be found here 

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